About Impress Events

Welcome to Impress Events! We’re a vibrant team of DJs with a passion for tunes and a knack for setting the right mood. Our journey began in 2018, when award-winning DJ, Ryan Boden, assembled a dream team of DJs known for their quality, reliability, and stellar skills behind the decks.

We’re not just DJs – we’re a dynamic mix of talents and expertise. Together, we pack over a century’s worth of experience in the wedding and event industry. This means we know a thing or two about making your event truly unforgettable, and can fine-tune our performance to match your unique style.

From corporate giants to love-struck couples, we work with a whole range of clients throughout the year. And if you’re a student at Durham, Newcastle, Northumbria, or York University, you might have already grooved to our beats! We’re proud to have lent our services to the likes of Audi, Apple, M&S, John Lewis, and even the British Armed Forces.

No matter what event you’ve got in mind, we at Impress Events are ready to turn it up a notch with a DJ set that’s tailored just for you. We’ll play the tracks you love and surprise you with the ones you never knew you needed. So, whether you’re planning a wedding, a gala, or a corporate event, trust us to deliver the perfect soundtrack to your special day!

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Our Talented Team

We’re a bunch of DJs who love mixing it up with open-format sets! That means we spin the top tracks from all kinds of genres. We’ve each got our own unique style and taste in music. So, if you’ve got a favourite style, let us know! We’d love to bring your favourite sounds to life at your event.

Small enough to care, talented enough to Impress.

DJ Ryan

Favourite genres: Indie, Emo, PopPunk, Dance Classics, Remixes, Throwbacks.

Ryan is a highly versatile and experienced DJ, capable of creating the perfect atmosphere for any event. His ability to gauge the mood of the room and adjust his set accordingly is a true mark of professionalism. Whether it’s playing the latest hits at bustling student nights and clubs in Newcastle and Durham or setting a sophisticated tone at luxury weddings, Ryan clearly has a talent for tuning into what his audience wants to hear.

His extensive music knowledge means he can cater to a wide range of tastes and moods. He understands that the right music can transform an event, making people feel relaxed and engaged, or filling them with energy to hit the dance floor. His adaptability makes him a valuable asset to any event, from an intimate gathering to a large-scale celebration.

Ryan’s dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest trends shows his commitment to his craft. This passion, combined with his talent and professionalism, makes him a top choice for anyone looking for a DJ to make their event memorable. It’s clear that no matter the venue or occasion, Ryan delivers a unique and enjoyable musical experience.

DJ Gary

Favourite genres: Motown, Disco, Pop, Indie, Dance, Commercial.

Gary’s passion for bringing life to parties truly stands out. With a talent for picking the right music to suit any setting, Gary truly understands the power of a well-curated playlist. Whether it’s the soulful tunes of Motown, the sounds of indie, or the pulsating beats of Ibiza classics, he knows how to captivate his audience and keep them engaged throughout the event.

His vast experience, spanning clubs to festival-style weddings, is proof of his versatility and ability to adapt to different environments. He can seamlessly transition between different musical styles and moods, ensuring that the energy never dips and that the dance floor is always filled.

What sets Gary apart is his commitment to every event. He doesn’t just play music; he immerses himself in it, putting his heart and soul into every gig. This personal touch guarantees that your event won’t just be another date in his calendar, but a unique experience that he’s invested in making as memorable as possible.

With his love for diverse music genres and his ability to liven up any party, Gary is the go-to DJ for any event.

DJ Ali

Favourite Genres: Party Classics, Pop, Charts, Throwbacks, Dance.

Ali is a true powerhouse in the event industry, showcasing his diverse talents as both a DJ and event specialist. His involvement in the top club nights across Leeds and York during his university years paved his path into this dynamic field, and he’s been making a significant impact ever since.

Ali is an expert at creating unforgettable experiences, not only through his DJing skills but also through his attention to the finer details of event management. He is proficient in handling event props like photo booths, magic mirrors, and starlit dance floors, ensuring that every aspect of your event is just as exciting and engaging as the music.

As a DJ, Ali is dedicated to creating a set that resonates with his audience. He listens to your personal music preferences, ensuring that he delivers a setlist that will keep you on the dance floor all night long. His ability to curate a DJ set tailored to your tastes demonstrates his commitment to providing a personalised and memorable experience for all guests.

With his vast industry knowledge, exceptional DJ skills, and passion for enhancing events, Ali is an invaluable asset to every event.

DJ Sean

Favourite Genres: Club Bangers, Dance Anthems, RnB, EDM, Urban.

Sean is a master of the university events scene, with a keen ear for the student bangers that get the crowd moving. Whether it’s proms, balls, galas, graduations, formals, or socials, Sean knows exactly how to create the electrifying atmosphere that these events demand.

His regular club residencies across Newcastle upon Tyne illustrate his high demand and popularity. Sean’s presence behind the decks is a seal of quality, ensuring a night full of energy, excitement, and dance-worthy tracks.

What makes Sean particularly unique is his interest in international music. His ability to incorporate K-pop, Latin, Afrobeats, and Reggaeton into his sets shows a level of versatility and cultural appreciation that is truly commendable. This broad musical taste is especially appreciated at international student events, where he can bring a diverse range of sounds to the dance floor.

Sean’s speciality lies in his ability to understand his audience, play the right tunes at the right time, and create an inclusive and exhilarating atmosphere. He is dedicated to creating unforgettable nights filled with diverse music.